Marketing and a Mic

How to Market to Gen Z | Episode #98

February 17, 2023 Fusion One Marketing Season 2 Episode 98
Marketing and a Mic
How to Market to Gen Z | Episode #98
Show Notes

We’ve all heard of the Boomers, but do you know about the Zoomers? Generation Z will soon become the largest group of consumers – so brands will need to start paying attention to their buying habits.

We will share the characteristics, values, traits, and trends with this generation so you can start establishing relationships now.

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Key Moments:
(02:16) Facts About Gen Z 
(04:10) They are Astute Customers
(05:59) They Value Self-Care
(07:19) They are More Financially Minded
(09:14) How to Market to Gen Z
(10:37) Create Platform Specific Content
(12:38) Use Video - But Keep it Brief
(13:51) Embrace Authenticity
(14:43) Be Real
(15:44) Utilize Influencer Marketing
(17:17) Tap into User-Generated Content
(19:01) Omni-Channel Marketing
(21:16) Key Takeaways